Lions are known as the “lord of the grasslands”, or “the lord of all species” because of their majesty and superior strength. Even in adverse situations, the lion is always in the position of the ruler, much to the horror of other animals.

A dramatic video of a clash between a male lion and a pack of ferocious hyenas proves this.

Despite the difference in size, the hyenas recklessly approached the lion, hoping to subdue the enemy with a “swarm” strategy. They constantly circle around to make the lion lose strength, then suddenly attack. Some have even bitten the lion’s tail and face.


Even so, the proud beast stood firm and easily knocked down any enemy who dared to come too close. The lion’s strength and tenacity surprised the observers, because they did not think it could fight so many enemies at once.

The battle between the lone lion and the hyenas is gradually coming to an end. The daredevils gradually gave up, no longer daring to harass the “king”, and the lion calmly enjoyed his “trophy”.

Although both male and female lions can defend their herds against intruders, male lions are better suited for this purpose thanks to a body structure that appears to be made for fighting, when they have the opportunity. Stronger muscles, larger body size, heavier weight.


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