Just a friendly warning – a few of the pictures in this post are pretty graphic.

Throughout the years human health has been threatened by various conditions.

Skin-eroding infections, unimaginable pain and parasites living in eyeballs are just a few of the scariest conditions known to mankind

Here are the 10:


Most frequently found in Africa, India and Central or South America, Emycetoma is a fungal infection.

Symptoms include swelling of the feet and legs. The swellings often erupt and pus leaks out.

The condition is not too painful, which often means patients don’t seek immediate hospital treatment.

As there is currently no cure, in extreme cases the condition can lead to the loss of use in the affected foot or limb.


Noma Disease causes disfiguration of the mouth (Picture:  Picture: Getty)
Noma Disease causes disfiguration of the mouth (Picture: Getty)

Also referred to as cancrum oris, Noma disease is a rapidly progressive (and often gangrenous) infection which ravages the mouth or genitals.

It’s most often found in desperately poor communities where people suffer with severe malnutrition.

Children under six are most commonly affected.

Strong antibiotics and proper nutrition can help keep the disease under control.

Complex regional pain syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome means sufferers feel pain more intensely (Picture: Getty) Picture: Keck School of Medicine
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome means sufferers feel pain more intensely (Picture: Getty)Picture: Keck School of Medicine

In most cases, CRPS is triggered by an injury or accident. The patient will feel pain much more severely and for longer period of time than somebody without the condition.

CRPS is normally confined to one limb, though pain has been known to affect other parts of the body.

 Somebody with CRPS can suffer flare ups due to change in temperature or if the body part is bumped.

The area can become swollen, very sore or stiff and even change in colour.

A lot of cases of CRPS gradually improve over time, though many patients suffer with the condition for years.


Pica disorder compels people to eat non-food items (Picture: YouTube)
Pica disorder compels people to eat non-food items (Picture: YouTube)

Pica is an eating disorder, where the affected person is compelled to consume non-food items.

What exactly they eat isn’t specific, although cases have been noted involved the consumption of hair, dirt, wood and paint.

And these aren’t just bizarre cravings like during a pregnancy – Pica is persistent ingestion of non-nutritive items for a period of longer than a month – though many people can be affected for years.

The condition can be life threatening.


A man with Leprosy (Picture: Alamy)
A man with Leprosy (Picture: Alamy)

Leprosy is a highly contagious disease caused by a slow-growing bacillus. It affects the skin, nerves and mucus membranes.

It causes discolouration and lumps on the skin. In severe cases it can lead to deformity or disfiguration.

Leprosy can be cured.

Leprosy can be treated (Picture: Getty)
Leprosy can be treated (Picture: Getty)

Cases are now mainly confined to poor areas of Africa and Asia.

Filarial Worm

Lymphatic filariasis is a parasitic disease, which sees thread-like worms set up shop in patients’ eyes.

The worms are spread by black flies and mosquitoes.

The worms can cause blindness. Other symptoms include a rash, abdominal pain, arthritis and papules.

The parasite can survive in other parts of the body. If found in the lymphatic system, the worms can lead to elephantiasis – an infection which causes extreme swelling of the limbs.

Fibrodysplasica Ossificans Progressive

People with rare and diabling genetic condition FOP see their muscle and connective tissue, such as tendons and ligaments, turn to bone.

FOP patients can also have bones grow outside the skeleton, which can constrain movement.

Vibrio Vulnificus

Vibrio Vulnificus is a bacteria that can cause a number of infections.

The bacteria tends to live in warm seawater and can be ingested via raw or undercooked seafood it can lead to acute gastroenteritis.

Or if contracted while swimming or paddling in salt water with a cut or wound, the bacteria can cause blisters, dermatitis and severe abdominal pain.

Clarkson’s Disease

Also known as Systemic Capillary Leak Syndrome, Clarkson’s is a very rare condition where a person suffers periods where their endothelial cells (the cells that line the capillaries) separate and leak.

The periods often last for days.

‘Elephant Man’ Syndrome

Joseph Merrick who was the 'Elephant Man' and was considered a freak in Victorian society... (Television Programme "QED: The Man Behind the Mask")
Joseph Merrick who was the ‘Elephant Man’

The Elephant man Joseph Merrick (often referred to as John) had a combination of disorders.

It’s believed he had both Proteus syndrome, also known as Wiedemann syndrome, a rare congenital disorder.

(Picture: Getty)
(Picture: Getty)

And neurofibromatosis – which causes tumours to grow on nerve tissues, though the full extent of his medical issues were never completely diagnosed.

Merrick was a healthy baby, although grew lumpy and tough skin – hence the cruel nickname.

The tumours caused his face, hands and feet to grow large, disfigured and out of proportion.

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