A basic bicycle can transport a car’s chassis.

Numerous bananas loaded onto a vintage delivery truck.

Giant wooden planks appear to be being towed down the road.

The bike pulling the trailer was laden with a heap of discarded sacks.

A multitude of cans are stacked onto a motorcycle.

This sight is a common one on the streets of Vietnam, where a small truck transports hundreds of eggs, but it may appear unusual to Western visitors.

Western guests also marveled at the skill of driving and transporting such a lengthy iron frame.

Is it possible for this woman to carry more Styrofoam boxes?

It’s all Styrofoam; it’s just a matter of arranging it neatly and heading out!

A custom-built tricycle designed to transport a massive heap of scrap.

It appears quite large, but it’s surprisingly lightweight!

Many people are still unable to explain why a truck can carry so much.

The truck was lengthy, but the rear cargo was over twice as long.

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