Half Of His Face Was Gone, But He Still Tried To Stay Alive By Searching For Food In The Trash…

We discovered Diogo when he was trying to get food out of the trash. But the moment he turned to look at us surprised everyone. Half of his face was gone as insects tried to bite it off.

To find out more accurately, I took Diogo to the hospital to clarify the situation.

X-ray results showed he had two bullet wounds in his legs. The hole in his face literally had a bullet going through it. Tests showed a very high level of infection and a very low hematocrit level. Given the large number of ticks he had, he most likely had ehrlichiosis.

While waiting for the doctor’s decision, we bathed Diogo thoroughly. Because of the wound on his face, so much liquid flowed out that it covered his entire body.

Diogo has a lot of dead and necrotic tissue that needs to be removed.

So he changed the bandage regularly. He will receive a blood transfusion as soon as possible to help stabilize his condition for surgery to clean the wound.

Imagine the pain and suffering Diogo had to endure to get to this point. We trust our doctors and experts. We will do everything we can to save Diogo’s life.

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