Poor Dog Has Been Neglected For Many Years, When Took Off Leash, He Took A Few Steps & Collapsed…

This poor boy was discovered at a residence during an eviction case handled by the Sheriff’s Department.

However, a rope remained wrapped around his neck, a cruel restraint that bound him for many years. Enduring the harsh elements of sun and rain, he suffered immensely.

His condition was even worse than what the photos depicted. Weighing only 35 pounds when he should have weighed about 70 pounds, he was covered in dried blood and fleas.

His ears were clogged with black dirt, and his weakness made it almost impossible for him to walk or stand for a moment. His gums are pale and he is urinating blood.

Additionally, he tested positive for heartworm and blood tests showed he had severe anemia, high white blood cell count, low protein, high potassium and a severe urinary tract infection.

Despite his weakened condition, he still tried to muster the strength to wag his tail, a testament to his resilient spirit.

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