He Was Left On The Streets For Months Begging People For Food And Help But Was Refused…

We received word from a worried neighbor who called for help with a poor puppy abandoned on the street in a serious condition.

The puppy is very shy and afraid of others, its body is full of parasites. He spent his days wandering the streets, begging for food and seeking refuge in the bushes along the roadside.

We rushed to the scene to assist, bringing delicious food with us in the hope of gaining his trust and eventually catching him.

We then took him to the vet for much needed medical treatment. His skin condition was severe and he was still apprehensive, not fully understanding that we were there to help him. We named him Pobrecito, expressing the pity we felt for his situation.

Under the care of a team of veterinarians, Pobrecito received the treatment he needed for a long-term recovery. Day after day, we witnessed his progress. By the second day, he started to trust us more and his skin started to heal.

By day six, he looked much better and became friendly and affectionate, showing gratitude for the love and attention he received.

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