The Puppy Cried Out For Help In Desperation When He Got Stuck In Rock-Hard Asphalt…

One hot, sunny day, I walked around my neighborhood and heard desperate cries for help. My footsteps seemed to be drawn towards that cry.

Then I saw, small, furry puppy, trying to throw itself off the iron-hard asphalt. Its eyes were full of despair and pain.

Trying to help, I grabbed the tools I had around, but my efforts seemed in vain. The asphalt was as hard as iron, and I couldn’t destroy it easily without hurting the dog.

But I can’t give up. I called the fire and police agencies, but time passed without any response. In desperation, I decided to post videos and pictures of the dog on social networks, calling for help from the online community.

After many hours of companionship, dedication and tireless efforts, the dogs was finally rescued.

But one was stuck to the earth, and to avoid pulling her skin off, rescuers had to cut and pry big slabs of stone and tar to carry with her to the hospital where all 3 puppies would undergo hours of labor as Animal Aid staff and volunteers softened the tar by soaking it in cooking oil and pulling it off little bit by bit.

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