We’ve all read about and seen pictures of dogs who are on their way to the Rainbow Bridge. They always manage to do it in a special way that moves our hearts. Sophiane and Hippo are shown here, and this is their tale.




Sophiane Nacer knew she couldn’t save the abandoned dog, but she still wanted to give him the best “end of days.” She vowed that Hippo, a lonesome old stray with tumors all over his body, would only experience love after he died.

Sophiane, the 19-year-old founder of Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue, told TODAY that Hippo was going to have the best last day ever.

Hippo had been in the shelter for five days before Sophiane adopted him. The dog’s skin felt delicate because he was in such pain. Sophiane questioned whether Hippo was even aware of his agonizing pain.




When she saw his tail wag, she was convinced. For the sick dog, there was still hope. Before he left this life, he battled for love and happiness. Sophiane bought Hippo a Puppuccino, the chain’s undiscovered menu item that drives dogs crazy and is simply a cup of delectable whipped cream.

Hippo was still positive the next day, so Sophiane took him to a dog park so he could have some fun. To him, it was all wonderful! But after that, he had something to say to Sophiane.

The old dog was worn out and full of optimism, but he also had some important information to impart with his new best friend. He was prepared to go. He was thrilled to be able to spend time with Sophiane, but he had to leave since he was worn out and in great pain.




Sophiane invited a veterinarian euthanasia expert to her home after going to the dog park. The veterinary expert gave him a roasted chicken filled with sedatives for his last dinner. He ate his last meal next to Sophiane, sitting as comfortably as he could, and then fell peacefully asleep.

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