Nearly two years old, Mau the puppy was found by me in a graveyard. He was so emaciated he looked like a skeleton. He was dehydrated, fatigued, and his weak breathing left him helpless by the side of the road. Numerous others went by, but no one noticed since they assumed the child had already passed away.




When Mau attracted my attention, I was unable to stop the tears from coming to my eyes. I felt sorry for his unfortunate circumstance. Mau and I scurried from that awful place. Due of the holiday, all the veterinarians were closed, so I had to bring Mau home. Despite my best efforts to feed Mau, he wouldn’t eat. He simply fell on the ground and looked defeated. Mau and I arrived at the animal hospital at 8 a.m.




The doctor quickly sent him for an MRI because he thought there might be a spine problem. I was startled by the results. He currently had two gunshot wounds, one in the front of his chest and one in the center of his spine. They would be difficult to get rid of because they were ingrained so deeply in Mau’s body. All liver, kidney, and digestive system indices were very low, and there was no sign of infection. It was unpleasant and uncomfortable for those who had to deal with it on a daily basis. He was slowly getting better while the doctor tried to figure out how to get rid of the bullet. Mau, however, never seen a miracle. His body had lost the ability to walk at all. Even though that was very sad, the most important thing was that Mau was still with me. Our calm, pleasant, and collected boy was recently released from the hospital. The doctors were apprehensive about carrying out the treatment because they thought there would be a lot of problems.


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