When this puppy’s owner passed suddenly a few weeks ago, there was a rumor that he had been expelled by his family. He chased people down the street, but no one picked him up.

He fell into a gutter as he was sprinting. Everyone turned to leave as H was pleading for assistance, so no one heard him.

Someone was kind enough to get in touch with Animal Aid Unlimited India. When rescuers arrived, Felix the street dog was crying out in pain and lying in a gutter.

According to a YouTube video that Animal Aid Unlimited India posted, “we received a call on our hotline from a puppy crying in pain.” When we discovered him, he was sobbing in an exposed gutter.

“At first, we couldn’t understand what was wrong, but we soon discovered a number of significant cuts on his leg,” they claimed.

He was returned to Animal Aid’s medical center, where his wounds were cleaned, bandaged, and given antibiotics and medications to treat them.

After two weeks of medical attention and rest, Felix was getting better.

Felix bounced back quickly from the love and attention he had received. Rescuers said that the terrified infant recovered in just two weeks and transformed into a small love bug.

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