In the clip, a lion is wandering in the grassland when he suddenly discovers a baby baboon in front. Immediately, it rushed forward and launched an attack.

Hearing the cry of the cub, the adult baboon quickly ran back and jumped on the lion. Being attacked, the lion quickly ran away. This entire unbelievable scene was recorded by tourists.

The lion is considered the “lord of the grassland” because of its majesty and outstanding strength. Lions are always in the position of predators and make other animals afraid.

However, not all animals submit to lions and lions do not always frighten other animals. If left alone, the lion will most likely lose his life while hunting.

Meanwhile, baboons are the most ferocious animals on Earth.
Baboons often actively chase away other hunting animals from their territory. Although baboons do not have many effective weapons to fight enemies, other than sharp teeth, their initiative and advantage in herds make hunters falter.

This animal does not have many natural enemies and one of the few threats to its life is lions. However, when confronting alone with predators like baboons, lions still have to lose face.

It can be seen that during this hunt, the lion chose the wrong prey to attack. Even if the lion did not run away quickly, it could have met a painful end.

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