While enjoying his prey, the male lion was suddenly attacked by a crocodile and had to run away for his life.

In the natural world, to survive, animals will have to go through countless fierce battles. Although it is the master of hunting on the steppe, when it comes to the swamp, the crocodile is truly the “lord”.

This unexpected scene was recorded by tourists at the Mala Mala reserve, South Africa. When they discovered the hippo’s body lying on the riverbank, two male lions did not hesitate to approach to find themselves a hearty meal.

However, to enjoy this meal, it must wade into the water and find a favorable position. However, the male lion did not expect that he was approached by a crocodile and slowly attacked. After being unexpectedly bitten, the lion quickly tried to run away to shore.

It is known that lions are not carrion eaters, but in times of difficulty in finding food, animal carcasses also become prey that cannot be ignored.

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