Honey badgers appear to be quite brave animals. Despite their small size, they are not afraid to fight predators larger than themselves.

The baby honey badger was attacked by a leopard and could not resist. The new mother honey badger returned and immediately rescued the baby. It quiackly chased away, causing the leopard to run away.

The video was shot by tourists at Greater Kruger National Park, Zimbabwe. Despite its small size, honey badgers are the most skilled fighting animals.

New – hot – Video: Honey badger chases and fights leopard to rescue cub

The mother honey badger immediately attacked the leopard when she discovered the leopard was attacking her cub.

They possess extremely thick fur, strong teeth and sharp claws. These weapons help honey badgers confidently fight many larger predators.

After rescuing the cub, the mother honey badger continued to stay on guard because she knew the leopard was still lurking and did not want to give up the delicious prey.

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