Elephants are very difficult animals to kill for lions and usually lions must grow up in herds that specialize in hunting elephants, or else they will avoid them and go in search of smaller and less dangerous prey.

Accordingly, on social networks recently shared a video that touched many viewers.

An elephant was chosen as prey by two lions, who put the elephant on its back and then used strong and sharp teeth to bite its neck and legs repeatedly.

Despite being injured and showing great pain, the baby elephant still struggled, wishing to be able to get up to escape from the enemy, but all its efforts could not overcome the strength of the lord of the jungle.

It seemed that death would come to it, fortunately, the elephant’s family came. A leading elephant led the others to the place where two lions were attacking their own kind.

Thanks to the large and large force, the elephants were successful in scaring the two lions and running away.

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