The dramatic video that captures the clash between the male lion and the hyenas once again shows the power and status of the animal that is considered the “lord of all species”.

The incident was recorded at the Maasai Mara reserve, Kenya (South Africa), when about 20 hyenas gathered around the lion.

Although inferior in size, but with overwhelming numbers, the hyenas still recklessly approached the lion in the hope of subduing the enemy.

They constantly circle around in order to make the lion lose strength, then suddenly attack. Some have even bitten the lion’s tail and face.

However, which is known as the “lord of the grasslands”, or “the lord of all species”, even in adverse situations, the lion is always in the position of the ruler, making other animals must be scared.

Accordingly, the male lion responded to all attacks and successfully defeated a hyena in the presence of the wild animals, causing them to flee.

But the hyenas have not yet surrendered. Taking advantage of the time when the lions were engrossed in their prey, the hyenas took the opportunity to rush in to bite, causing the lion to suffer many painful wounds.

However, the “lord of all species” still stands and easily knocks down any enemy who dares to come too close.

In the end, the hyenas gradually gave up, no longer daring to harass the lion, and the “king” leisurely enjoyed his “trophy”.

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