In the dry season, when food sources are scarce, lions have to choose humpback pigs as prey. Although this is one of the species that is quite cunning and agile, but with the ability to coordinate groups and outstanding strength, the “lords of the grasslands” still get the desired result.

Like these two lionesses, excellent stalking and good coordination helped them hunt a sizable hump, enough to satisfy hunger in the dry season for both.

However, when they could not kill their prey, the two lionesses were attacked by the male lion. With the nature of a “fierce lord”, the male lion was determined to compete for the humped pig with his 2 “wives”.

Unfortunately, the fight for food by the three lions created an opportunity for the hump to escape.

Although he quickly chased, but in the end the male lion had to give up because his prey ran too fast. It is known that this scene was recorded by engineer Cobus Visser while visiting Marloth National Park in South Africa.

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