The clip recorded by Tayla McCurdy during a trip with a group of friends to Kurger National Park will show us an interesting image when leopards go fishing.

Tayla McCurdy’s group was driving down the road when they suddenly discovered a male leopard circling around a puddle filled with lots of fish jumping inside.

It seems that before, this used to be a large pond with abundant water. However, due to the hot weather as well as the meager rainfall since Kurger entered the summer, this place has run out of water resources. Many fish from other small depressions also jumped into this puddle, forming a crowded, extremely cramped scene.

The leopard looked thoughtful and was gone for about 10 minutes. McCurdy was quite surprised by that action, but he still had faith with the adeptness of a hunting master, surely the leopard would not miss the delicious opportunity, so he decided to stay and wait.

As expected, the leopard finally returned to the puddle, it seemed that it couldn’t resist the temptation before its eyes. Although a little hesitant when being dazzled by the “hot pot” with too much food inside, the leopard managed to choose the right bait.

Early the next morning, Tayla McCurdy continued to return to the low-lying area with the desire to see her old friend again. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for McCurdy to recognize the leopard because of the mud all over it. Not only that, but the leopard continues to have trophies, probably still originating from the old puddle.

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