Specifically, a female lion ambushed the banks of the Mara River to hunt wildebeest across the river. However, the target it chose was not average. After being chased by a hunter, a wildebeest in the herd did something unbelievable.

Instead of continuing to run away, the antelope suddenly rushed forward, hit the lion hard in the side, and then pursued fiercely. In the end, the lion had to give up and quickly leave.

The wildebeest is a special animal because of its somewhat strange shape, combining the head and horns of a cow, a horse’s tail with the highlight of a long black tuft of hair.

Wildebeest often live in large herds, in many cases they even combine with zebra herds to create a large community, thereby reducing the risk of being hunted by predators.

According to statistics from zoologists, the survival rate of wildebeests from birth to adulthood is very low. However, in reality, the wildebeest is not an easily subdued opponent.

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