Lions and hyenas are known to be two higher predators in nature. Also because of the war for food to survive, lions and hyenas become arch-rivals. The reason is because hyenas are species that often eat other people’s leftovers, not only that, they also form gangs that specialize in stealing prey of predators, typically lions.

Hate each other, but these two animals are very limited to engage in meaningless competitions, in order to save energy as well as avoid unnecessary injuries.

Last night, 3 hyenas went to hunt giraffes without success. With no new loot, a hyena returned with the carcass of a lion they killed a week ago. Now it is enjoying its breakfast. The hyena seems to be very proud of this special breakfast because it and its fellow have killed their enemies in their fury.

The hyena and lion are two species that compete fiercely in the wild. Although hyenas are specialized in disrupting and robbing lions, lions have never considered hyenas as a threat.

Reckless, highly gregarious, but most attacks against lions by hyenas are at most just causing trouble and not doing anything more. Therefore, when killing the lion, the hyena is very satisfied.

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