After discovering the prey, the wild dogs dug a hole together so that the wild boar had to stick its head out. Right after that, they bit together to pull their prey out of the cave.

At this time, about 20 dogs continued to attack to take down their prey. At the end of the hunt, the whole herd rushed to eat the results they had just achieved.

It can be said that, despite not having a big appearance, wild dogs still dare to attack wild boars. This pack of wild dogs does not rush to attack, but rather organizes their troops in tight formations, making it impossible for the prey to escape. Gradually, the wild boars are exhausted before taking action.

In such a cross-face ambush situation, even though the wild boar has good speed and tries very hard, it still cannot cut off the enemy’s tail.

Like many other carnivores on the African savannah, wild dogs often hunt in large groups. In addition, wild dogs have an extremely high ability to interact, even while hunting or defending against enemies.

This is also one of the important reasons why wild dogs, although small, not many animals on the steppe want to tease them.

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