Buffalo and lion are two extremely dangerous animals and both have a long-standing feud. Every time they confront each other, it will be extremely fierce battles and can lose their lives.

Specifically in the video posted on youtube is an interesting scene. Two lions were looking for a place to mate when suddenly a herd of wild buffalo attacked.

The male and female lions in the video are roaming the grasslands, they need to find a safe place without other animals to be able to mate.

However, while wandering in the grasslands, they encountered a herd of buffaloes also nearby. The buffaloes were extremely ferocious, seeing the pair of lions, a few angry buffalo rushed to attack.

The pair of lions did not fight back but became weak, they ran away, perhaps they were not hungry and wanted to stay away from the buffalo so that they could mate.

However, the wild buffalo did not stop, it called more companions to chase the two lions without giving up.

Finally, after a while of fighting, the buffalo gave up and returned to the herd, while the lion couple hurried away from the buffalo herd to find a hiding place to mate.

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