Specifically, while wandering around looking for food in the grassland, a herd of zebras caught the sight of a female lion. After a while of stalking, the lion decided to rush towards the zebras, causing them to run away in panic.

Taking advantage of the chaos, the hunter successfully captured an adult zebra. Although the lion was able to bite its prey’s neck, it fell into a disadvantageous position when it was pinned to the ground by the zebra.

After a while of struggling, the zebra decided to counterattack by biting the lion’s leg. Taking a painful blow, the predator is stunned and immediately lets go of its prey. Taking advantage of this loophole, the zebra jumped up and ran away, fortunately narrowly escaping death.

Zebras are a very special breed of horse, often living in the savannas and deserts of Africa. Unlike its brothers, zebras have black and white fur, arranged in stripes from head to toe.

This animal has a “secret weapon” which is a kick with its hind legs with extremely strong force, which can break the jaw of a predator if they foolishly stand within feet’s reach.

Meanwhile, lions are known as one of the most notorious predators. Thanks to their inherent strength, plus sharp teeth and claws, they often hunt and kill large animals.

When encountering zebras, lions often win. However, thanks to their survival instinct, there have been many times when zebras have unbelievably turned the tables and escaped death.

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