The martial eagle is one of the world’s most powerful raptors and, among African raptors, only the African forest eagle can compare.

In short, the young wild boar, the eagle does not immediately finish off the prey to eat but waits for something, until the prey is completely dead, the eagle flies away, after a while comes back with the victory. product of the hunt.

In the video, the eagle Martial swoops down to attack the boars, grabbing a young one. However, the eagle did not immediately finish, but let the prey struggle in pain.

When the prey was completely dead, the eagle did not eat immediately, but flew up to the sky, perched on a high tree to observe its surroundings.

Once it has chosen a convenient food hiding place, the eagle returns to the dead pig, grabs it with its paws to the chosen spot and begins to “eat”.

Watch the video below:

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