A rather rare story took place in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa when a hippo was so hungry that it dared to fight for food with a whole herd of lions.

Although the hippo is not a carnivore, hunger has made it lose its mind and do something quite crazy.

Specifically, in the video, two hippos can be seen rushing to intend to steal food from the lions enjoying the party.

The hippopotamus had slowly approached the lions and opened his mouth as if threatening.

Although the male lion in the herd didn’t seem too bothered by the hippo’s presence, the cubs and cubs felt uncomfortable and began to distance themselves from the hippo.

The hippopotamus then risked its life and moved closer to enjoy a meal with the lions. It seems that the lions don’t want trouble, so they let the “uninvited guest” eat with them often.

Only after the hippo is full does it leave and return to its familiar swamp.

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