Two lions gore a calves, but when they are about to tear their prey, a female buffalo appears and attacks the pair of “kings of the forest”.

While hunting, the herd discovered a herd of wild buffalo in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The target they chose was a calf.

The whole herd of buffalo ran away when the lion chased, but gradually the calf fell behind because of its weaker strength than the adult buffalo. Finally one of the lions caught it.

Suddenly, the whole herd stopped and some of them approached the calf’s position. They seem to want to save their fellow humans, but are afraid of the lion pair.

Suddenly a female buffalo rushed up. With a mighty headbutt, the buffalo rammed two lions.

Although the two lions had given up and were quite far away, the buffalo still kept an eye on them to keep an eye on them.

The calf stood up and staggered after it escaped. Jay van Rensburg, a 53-year-old South African photographer, witnessed the scene and took the pictures.

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