The hyenas are experts at stealing the prey of other opponents, hyenas always prevail in battles with leopards.

Leopards usually avoid confrontations with hyenas, but in some cases, they will do anything to get their prey.

The encounter between 4 leopards and a hyena is extremely rare and very interesting. The most shocking thing about the encounter was that the hyena changed its behavior when confronted with different cheetahs

During the struggle, the hyena and the young male leopard tried to devour the antelope meat.

The male leopard tried many times to release the carcass, but the hyena held it tightly, using all its strength to cling, even standing up on the antelope carcass to assert ownership.

The hyena is busy biting, swallowing large chunks of meat while chewing on bones to eat as much and as quickly as possible.

Male leopards are also trying to keep up with the hyenas’ impressive feeding rates. It eats so hard that it almost touches the enemy’s nose.

The antelope carcass eventually fell into the hands of an elderly leopard with more strength and hunting experience than his rivals.

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