The lion and the hyena are two enemies full of grace. They always confront each other in wars for territory or food.

With greed, stubbornness, possession of sharp teeth, herd lifestyle, a pack of hyenas can win and kill lions when an individual in the herd is attacked by superiority in numbers, or They attack individual lions that are lost, old, and injured.

Seeing the hyenas approach the carcass of the wild buffalo, the lion tried to drive them away. However, the lion eventually gave up and went to the other members to rest.

This battle for prey between male lions and hyenas was recorded at the Maasai Mara reserve. Before that, the lions had defeated a wild buffalo and concentrated on eating.

After eating, they go to the shade nearby to sleep, while a male stays to watch.

Seeing the hyenas approaching the buffalo carcass, the male lion tried to drive them away.

It even pounced on a hyena and bit it hard, injuring the opponent. However, after a few times the hyenas still returned, the lion gave up.

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