Mountain lions are an animal belonging to the lion family, with all the hunting skills of lions, but due to their small size, their hunting skills are quite different from lions.

However, mountain lions have enough intelligence and courage to hunt large prey and prove their strength against other predators.

The jackals below got into big trouble when they underestimated the mountain lion’s strength.

A pack of jackals were hunting a newborn impala and successfully got a meal, unaware that a hungry mountain lion was lurking behind.

The mountain lion decided to rush out and take the prey from the jackal. This pack of jackals is fearless and determined to protect their prey.

The sizes of the animals were similar but very quickly the jackals were defeated and one jackal had to die.

A huge loss and the other jackals ran away, the strength of the mountain lion was terrifying and it was ready to give death to the stubborn animals.

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