The zebra’s tenacity leaves us in awe of how it escapes the clutches of a hungry lion.

In the video, a zebra can be seen engrossed in grazing, when suddenly a lion has silently approached the side without even realizing it.

At the decisive moment, the lion leapt onto the back of the zebra, grabbed its neck, and used its claws to pin the poor animal to the ground.

However, zebras show incredible strength and endurance, not only not collapsing, but also jumping repeatedly in the hope of knocking away the enemy.

When this strategy fails, the zebra rushes forward, dragging the lion clinging to his neck.

But in a panic, the zebra suddenly tripped over the lion and fell to the ground.

It seemed that this would be the end of the brave zebra, when it could not stand firmly on the ground, fortunately the lion was also exhausted.

In a moment of carelessness, the lion let the zebra rise, freed himself from restraint, and quickly took advantage of the opportunity to narrowly escape.

The lion quickly corrects the mistake by trying to grab the prey. But once the zebra has reached the required speed, it will be too difficult to keep up with this animal.

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