The image of this hunt was recorded at a wildlife reserve in Africa. While looking for food, a pair of giant lizards caught the eye of the hawk.

As soon as the large prey was discovered, the hawk rushed to attack, causing the pair of lizards to flee. However, just a few seconds later, the hunter caught up and used sharp claws to grasp the prey.

To prevent the lizard from escaping, the hawk used its beak to peck at the opponent’s eye. When the lizard is no longer able to run away, the hawk takes the large prey back to the cubs.

As the most intelligent bird in the world with perfect eyesight reaching 20/2, 8 times that of a human, hawks rarely miss their prey. Its favorite hunting scenario is usually to suddenly rush from a hidden hiding place on high to below, aim straight, attack in a moment that makes the prey unable to react.

Watch the video here.

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