The African wild dog is a mammal in the canine family, mainly distributed in Africa. They are highly social animals, living in groups with separate dominance hierarchies for males and females.

They also have one of the strongest bites of all carnivorous mammals, being able to easily rip through the soft flesh of herbivores such as antelope, even buffalo Forest.

The African buffalo is a very robust herbivore, when an adult individual can be up to 1.5 meters tall, weighing 900kg. However, these numbers do not say much when they have to confront a hunter with a large number and methodical tactics like a wild dog.

In a dramatic video recording the encounter between these two animals, it can be seen that the wild buffalo, although mature and healthy, cannot create many surprises before mischievous hunters.

With their limited size, wild dogs rarely dare to attack buffalo or large herbivores. Their favorite targets are usually small antelopes, or animals injured from a previous hunt.

However, in this particular case, a wild dog with about 15 members recklessly attacked a herd of wild buffalo with hundreds of adult buffaloes. Their strategy was surprisingly successful, when they were able to separate a female buffalo that had fallen behind.

Witnessing the poor buffalo being rounded up, a few of its friends turned around with the intention of helping. However, the dogs immediately split into two groups. While one group continued to cling to their prey, the rest rushed to prevent any help. Confronted with a small but cunning and mischievous enemy, the powerful buffalo is soon defeated and lies in the middle of the moor.

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