At Botswana’s Selinda Camp wildlife reserve, South Africa, photographer Evan Schiller captured a dramatic, movie-like scene about the world of wildlife, when baboons I have to go through many dangers lurking, becoming

Because it was too sunny, the baboon couldn’t stay in the bare, bare tree for too long, the mother baboon risked her baby to drop down from the tall tree and rush towards other trees with more shade.

Unfortunately, when coming to the middle of the road, the mother baboon fell into the death watch of the lioness patrolling the territory. Because she carried her baby with her, the mother baboon could not resist strongly and died under the fierce claws of the beast.

Left alone, the baboon panicked and cried when approached by the lioness. It let out wailing cries.

Like a miracle, the maternal instinct of the lioness arose, she did not kill the baby monkey but hugged and licked the little monkey.

At first, the baby monkey did not stop trembling when lying in the lap of the lioness. When he felt a little safer, the brave, daring baby monkey bit the enemy and killed his mother.

However, the baboon’s immature attack did not attract the lioness’s attention in the slightest.

More strangely, when a male lion tried to kill the baboons, both lionesses went into a rage, chasing the male lion.

The climax came when a male baboon believed to be the father baboon appeared. While the lions were fighting, the father baboon risked his life to save the baby baboon from the clutches of the enemy.

Not only that, knowing that the baby baboon could not stand the heat for long, the father decided to bet his fate, falling off the bare tree branch and looking for an opportunity to run to a tree with lots of shade.

In the end, the god of luck sided with the baboon father, helping them get out of danger.

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