Buffalo is not an easy creature to bully in Africa. If a lion hunts alone and subjectively, it is completely possible to be seriously injured, even die.

Therefore, when hunting wild buffalo, lions often follow the herd, choosing the lone, or weakest one to be easily slaughtered. However, if the buffalo herd gathered together to protest, things would become much more difficult.

In the clip, a lone buffalo is being attacked by two lions. Although alone, the buffalo not only refused to submit but turned to counterattack strongly. However, just minutes later, it was defeated by two hungry predators.

After struggling for a while, the wild buffalo became weak. As the two lions were about to enjoy their meal, something unexpected happened.

Perhaps the buffalo herd had heard the cries of their fellow human beings, so they flocked to them and surrounded the two lions. When the enemy rushed to attack, the two lions had to leave their prey and try to run away.

Thanks to the timely help of their fellows, the wild buffalo was lucky to escape death. However, with the severe wounds inflicted by the lions, it was unlikely to survive.

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