The battle – filmed by tourists in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia – shows the one-year-old beast surrounded by a herd of carnivores near a waterhole.

A pack of 14 hungry lions surround a baby elephant as they prepare for an unfair battle. As the ferocious lions surrounded the cub – which had been separated from its pack – they began to take turns plunging onto its back and sticking their teeth into its back and legs.

Things took a turn for the worse for the baby monkey when the lions charged into the hunt with three then four clinging to the body as the lion looked for a way out. However, when the walls closed and time ran out, the elephant plunged into the water in a desperate attempt to take down the lions.

And after a long battle, the young man defied all difficulties to appear unharmed. The wonderful video recorded and posted on Youtube has attracted a lot of attention from the audience as well as those who love the animal world. A whopping number for a wild video: 34 million views along with almost 4k comments.

Many people were overjoyed at the outcome of the battle and the baby elephant had the battle of a lifetime to win 14 lions.

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