Crocodiles and lions are always kings in their territory because few dare to trespass and the price of trespass is death. Regularly confront each other in wild battles. But those were only single fights, and it was difficult to determine which animal was stronger.

This must-see video was shot by a field guide. She has been a field guide in Pilanesberg National Park for almost 5 years.

Lion Vs Giant Crocodile In The River- Who Will Win ? - YouTube

An extremely rare war and we can determine which species will win most easily.
A large-scale war rare in nature occurred on a river. When the lions were gathering to enjoy a dead giant hippo. Crocodiles are food thieves and protect their sacred territory.

Fighting Moments of Lion vs Crocodile | Battle of jaws | Lions vs Crocodiles - YouTube

There were about 10 lions dissecting a giant hippo next to a river full of crocodiles. Every animal wanted a hearty meal and a battle broke out.

The crocodiles gathered in large numbers and approached the lions. The lioness was not afraid and continued her work, after which a lioness signaled to respond to the crocodile.


1000 angry wild buffalo trampled madly, using their horns to stab the lions to death when they dared to disturb them during their lunch break
Wild boars are free to play around with the giant crocodile and then almost get bitter fruit.

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