In nature, not every animal that is large in size, or has a larger number, is sure to win. On the contrary, even small animals can surprise you.

The proof is in the video below, when a honey badger unilaterally defended against an attack from 3 leopards, and even caused the enemy to flee.

The honey badger was subdued by three leopards, one grabbed its head, and the other attempted to rip off its hindquarters.

However, the honey badger did not lie down and endure the battle. It rolled many times, trying to escape the control of the leopard.

While focusing on taking down the prey, the leopard made an opening and this set the turning point for the fight to begin.

The honey badger, after escaping the control position, became more reckless, opened its mouth wide and rushed towards the predator.

The advantage of the opponent made the 3 leopards falter, constantly having to dodge the retaliatory attacks of the honey badger.

After struggling for a while, the three leopards seemed to realize that they couldn’t continue the fight, so they decided to give up, and the honey badger calmly left.

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