Nothing is impossible. A snake is trying to attack a heron and the fight is becoming more and more exciting.

It can be seen that the size of the snake is quite small and it will not be able to swallow a huge meal. So why did it choose to fight so fiercely? Could it be that it wanted revenge?

Herons often hunt small fish and possibly small snakes; perhaps the bird encroached on the snake’s feeding territory, or it simply killed the baby snakes.

The little snake hid under the water and then launched a sudden attack on the heron’s wings and did not want to leave. The heron was in pain and could not run away. It cried out in pain and tried to find a way to escape the snake.

The snake seemed to want to drown the bird in the water to end the fight, but things were not easy. The heron chose to attack the snake’s head, but hatred made the snake forget its pain.

In the end, the snake could not defeat its great enemy and left to wait for another opportunity for revenge.

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