The grizzly bear is a species of grizzly bear that usually lives in the high mountains of western North America. Grizzly bears have a massive size, adults weigh from 180-360kg, the height can be up to nearly 2m when standing upright.

Large but not local, grizzly bears can run at a speed of 56 km / h when chasing targets with 4 legs. In addition, they also possess large hands, long claws that can launch devastating blows that can knock down any enemy. This is a habitat treatment system and no one is really against them without the herd.

Grizzly Bears scramble for habitat with moats and cougars. While paralytics tend to stay awake and give back to large bears, cougars are mostly afraid of omnivores. Usually, cougars will love all their prey, grizzly bears, to avoid fights.

However, in the video, the mountain lion is not immune to luxury items, but also rushes to attack the crooks. The reason is that the leopard invades the territory of the cougar and its cubs. Normally, lions will remove the address to run away, but if they do, their cubs will be in danger.

Honoring his bravery, the cougar protected the cubs.

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