The poor dog was abandoned wandering and was so hungry that he fainted on the street. Look at his skinny body, not an ounce of flesh on him. It looked like a sheet of skin covering a skeleton. This is also the thinnest case we have ever encountered.

I brought him back to the rescue team and continued to take care of him. Actually, I’m not sure if the animal can continue to live with such a weak condition.

It was truly a difficult time.

Fasting for a long time caused his body to become resistant to food. The animal cannot eat or drink normally. Always sad and lying down with his head down. He had no energy at all and seemed to be just waiting for death. More than the pain in the body is the wound in the animal’s heart. The dog suffers from depression and is afraid of everything.

We took him to the hospital for a checkup and injection. The result is like what you see, the dog is seriously malnourished.We can only give him nutrients and feed him milk with a syringe.

On day 3, the dog began to regain its sense of food. He was able to eat his first meal on his own. The expression looked at me as if saying thank you. We also reserved a comfortable place for him.We also reserved a comfortable place for him. Take time every day to talk and encourage him.

Gradually, positive change took place. The dog has now completely regained his weight. He even became very cheerful and affectionate.

We want to convey meaningful rescue stories through each post to spread the message: “Protect animals” because they, like humans, want to live and be loved. We thank you for your comments to help our page grow and share human values.🤍

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