Seeing the calf being attacked by a leopard right before their eyes, the wild buffalo herd immediately rushed to snatch the calf back from the predator’s claws.

The clip recording the leopard’s failed hunt was recorded by visitors at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka on January 31.

A leopard hiding in the bushes suddenly rushed out into the middle of the road and pounced on the baby buffalo right in front of the car. When they saw the baby being attacked by an enemy, the adult buffaloes immediately rushed forward and rammed the leopard directly to prevent it from eating the baby buffalo.

At first, the hunter was still determined to grab the prey’s neck. However, after a struggle, the leopard had to let go of the baby buffalo and climb a tree to avoid the pursuit of the buffalo herd.

Leopards are solitary predators, so from an early age, they will be trained in important survival lessons by their mothers.

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