Zebras are gentle herbivores, living in herds in large numbers. They have a secret weapon, a back kick that helps zebras escape dangerous predators.

In the video is a scene of a zebra fighting fiercely with a lion when suddenly attacked.

Specifically, the lion discovered a herd of zebras, it gently hid and waited for an opportunity to attack. The lion saw the opportunity to rush like lightning to catch a zebra.

The zebra refused to give up, it wrestled the lion, then the zebra repeatedly bit the lion with its jaws. The lion tried to hold on to the zebra to prevent it from escaping.

After struggling for a while, the zebra decided to counterattack by biting the lion’s leg. Being hit by a painful blow, the predator is stunned, immediately letting go of the prey.

Taking advantage of this loophole, the zebra jumped up and ran and luckily escaped death by a narrow margin.

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