Hyenas are opportunistic stalkers who steal food from other animals. However, in reality they still hunt and can take down even a large wild buffalo. This is considered a prey that few predators can defeat except lions and crocodiles.

In the clip, a herd of hyenas is teaming up to attack a large wild buffalo. Instead of taking down their prey by attacking directly, the hyenas choose to attack from behind. Next, they will slowly eat their prey.

The surprising thing is that despite being attacked by dozens of hyenas, this wild buffalo did not show any pain or try to run away. It even leisurely grazes as if nothing had happened.

The clip ends when the wild buffalo’s fate is unclear, but with such a ferocious hyena herd, it will be difficult for it to keep its life.

A common animal in Africa, hyenas are an important part of most African ecosystems. Possessing very strong jaws helps them become fearsome carnivores, able to kill large animals such as zebras, wildebeests, buffalos….

Hyenas are quite intelligent and cunning animals. They have the habit of hunting in groups and are active at night. Thanks to communication through sounds, posture and other signs, hyenas work very well in groups.

For a long time, mischievous hyenas have been labeled cowards and scavengers. In fact, they are powerful predators, not only scavenging but also regularly hunting and killing prey within their range.

According to observations, 95% of hyenas’ food comes from what they hunt. They even kill and eat lion cubs, leopard cubs and other predators when the herd is strong enough and has many members.

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