The battle of hunting in the wild of wild animals has never been easy, especially when the opponents are those who are hungry for life and have strong wills.

Resilient fighting spirit, wildebeest “weighs two” lions alone in the fight for life.

In a video recorded by Hannes Joubert in Kruger National Park, South Africa, we will see how the effort, the desire to live of a wildebeest creates miracles.

A wildebeest is surrounded by two lions, pinning the antelope to the ground. Continuously familiar, malicious attacks are launched such as biting, tearing, and aiming directly at the danger of the prey.

However, with its unyielding spirit and inner strength, the wildebeest can still stand up to the lion’s brutal attack. Not only that, a lion got stuck in the horns of the wildebeest and was thrown into the sky by it.

In the end, the victory called the wildebeest, leaving the lions bewildered, regretting the loss of their prey.

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