The spotted python is the longest python species in the world and is among the three heaviest python species in the world. Like all pythons, the python is non-venomous and poses no significant threat to humans.

Tourist Supattra Pranimit recorded the scene of a python strangling one of the wild monkeys at the foot of Prachuab Khiri Khan mountain, southern Thailand.

At first, when the python was wrapped around its body, the monkey struggled to find a way to escape, but it quickly succumbed to the lack of oxygen due to the python’s tighter grip.

While the trapped monkey was trying to free itself, dozens of other monkeys also rushed to find a way to save.

But each time they approached, the python raised its head, baring its fangs threatening to make the monkeys panic and run away.

A monkey successfully approached and grabbed its fellow’s tail and pulled it out of the python, but it had to give up because the python was too strong.

Finally, after a while of fighting with the giant python, the monkeys finally saved the baby monkey, but it died of suffocation due to the python killing too tightly.

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