When seeing the lions surrounding the baby elephant, the buffalo quickly rushed to attack, causing the “lords of the grasslands” to lose their delicious food in an instant.

While touring the dam site of Keuger National Park in South Africa, a tourist spotted a pack of lions resting in the bushes near a dry lake.

Meanwhile, the elephants are digging in the ground in search of mud and some water left in the lake bed.

After the lunch break, the lions immediately woke up to hunt and their target this time was the lost baby elephant.

With a large number and outstanding strength, the lions easily captured the baby elephant. However, when it was not possible to kill the prey, the unexpected happened.

Specifically, when seeing a lion catching a baby elephant, the buffalo herd quickly gathered to attack the predator.

It is not known whether the buffaloes mistook the baby elephant for a fellow animal or “hated lions”, but they rushed to attack very violently and caused the big cats to run away in chaos.

Thereby, help the baby elephant create a spectacular escape from death. Soon, this “unlucky” elephant also found his own kind to be protected by the adults.

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