Baboons are not the prey that any hunter would target because they are extremely intelligent and equally aggressive, belligerent.

However, when baboons face predators such as lions, leopards, hyenas, … they do not dare to attack but must rely on the help of a large number of fellows to be able to fight.

A video shows a lion trying to kill a baby monkey. The lion recklessly attacked the baby monkey right in front of the monkeys.

The lion rushed up the tree, he saw the baby monkey was not protected by his mother, although he did not easily climb the tree, but the lion still rushed to catch the baby monkey in the presence of the whole herd.

When the monkeys saw that their fellow was taken away by the lion, they were very angry, the monkey leader immediately summoned the army to rush to attack the lion so that he could rob the baby monkey.

The crazy monkeys used sticks and stones to torture the lion to death to save the young. In the end, under the attack of his fellow monkeys, the baby monkey was also successfully saved while the lion had to run away for his

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