Humpbacks and civets have a special relationship, this partnership comes with many benefits and more eyes to guard against danger. They quickly detect an approaching danger, a lioness and her hungry cubs.

Kali, a lioness and her cubs roam foraging in the Serengeti, Africa. An easy-to-find meal was all Kali needed right now. This is an opportunity for the dog to show the cubs how to catch prey. The lioness decided to attack the humped pig directly after arranging the cubs in a safe and convenient position for observation.

Unfortunately, it chose the wrong target. The boar is not an easy prey to subdue. Facing a stubborn hump is not the show of skill a lioness is meant for. The lioness was chased and beaten by a humped pig.

Defeated by a boar, the hunger became even more unbearable. The lioness is running out of time. Without a companion to help catch the prey, the chances of its cubs being able to survive are slim.

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