Crocodiles are the fear of many herbivores, but unfortunately this time it died at the feet of the world’s largest land mammal, a giant African elephant.

The video shows the fear of a mother elephant when protecting her cubs from dangers that can harm her baby.

The crocodile hid in the water, it saw the mother of the elephant nearby. It gently approached, suddenly rushed to attack and bite the baby elephant’s trunk.

Hearing the pain of the baby elephant, the mother elephant rushed over. The mother elephant was very angry, she was mad and used her voig to knock the crocodile away from its poor child.

Not stopping there, the elephant continued to rush to torture the crocodile. It used its foot to slam the crocodile into the water, then it used its head and body to press on the crocodile.

Watching the clip, you can see some of the anger of the mother elephant. It was angry, using all its great strength to trample on the crocodile.

At the peak, the mother elephant even used her trunk with the intention of knocking the crocodile out of the water. In the end, the crocodile lost its life on the spot and the mother elephant also left.

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