Anja Kruger was travelling in the Kruger National Park, while on holiday with her family.

When driving out of Skukuza towards Tshokwane, there is famous waterhole called Leeupan, which, from Afrikaans, directly translates to “Lion Waterhole”. Quite aptly named, no?

As Anja stopped off at the waterhole, she spotted a lioness hiding in the bushes stalking a journey of giraffes. It seemed as if the giraffes spotted the lion, they were all staring right at her.

Suddenly!! The lioness charged at the giraffe and targeted one of calves. The sequence of photos that Anja captured of the hunt are absolutely staggering.

The lioness climbed up the giraffe and went straight for the neck. Lions go for the neck because it’s where they can suffocate the animal easily, and with a giraffe, the lion has a lot of neck to choose from.

After managing to bring the calf down to the ground, the lioness could focus now on suffocating the calf and making sure she doesn’t lose this well earned meal.

After a couple of minutes, the lioness dragged the carcass into the shade nearby where she and the rest of the pride could feast.

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