As soon as the wildebeest cubs were born, the hyenas took the initiative to approach, this is a rare opportunity for the whole herd of hyenas to get food easily.

Wildebeest live in very large herds, which makes it impossible for the hyenas to approach the mother and baby easily. So when the hyenas approach the young antelope, it is also when it has completed its first steps in life.

Although just born, the young wildebeest proved to be quite brave when facing the hungry hyenas. It pretended to attack the hyena and then immediately ran away on three legs and four legs.

The young wildebeest’s first steps are the ones to escape from a pack of formidable predators. It scurried to escape the pursuit of the hyenas.

The hyena herd, despite the advantage in numbers, surrounded to capture the young wildebeest, but were still inhaled by the new-born. Clearly, the hyenas are no match for wildebeest in terms of speed, even for a newborn baby.

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